APAC Alumni

In 2017 Golden Key Asia-Pacific launched their first Alumni initiative "Where are they now".   
So far we have identified in our 250,000 members in the region that we have  960 Directors, 135 Executives and  22 Chairman of Boards just from the last ten years of members and 65,000 public profiles. Below is the distribution of these people by industry type

Our 29 Chapter presidents have access to an alumni search specific to their university which goes back to the original chapter origins. Many chapters now have over 24 years of membership to search through for key influencers and VIP.

If you are interested in looking for career connection opportunities or mentoring programs then please contact memory@goldenkey.org.au and complete a short survey expressing the interests you have in your future career and will facilitate a search of the alumni network through the chapter president and invite you to any upcoming career connector events in your nearest city.

Further work this year with university chapters will enhance this data further to improve networking opportunities both within and between chapters.

For more information on this initiative for chapters please go to the following site