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5. Golden Key - OWEEK 2017 #GKOWEEK

posted May 11, 2017, 5:12 PM by Elyse Heslehurst

Orientation Week has come and gone for another year on our Campus’ in the Asia Pacific Region and our Chapter executives were out in force spreading the word of Golden Key and implementing our three pillars, Academia, Community Service and Leadership.

We took some time to ask our University Leaders about their OWEEK experiences with Golden Key: 

“I believe it is a privilege for any university to be a part of Golden Key. Representing GK on a university level sends a message to all the university students and staffs that their university is fundamental part of a global society based on academically high-achieving students. Another reason is to inspire prospective Golden Key members to excel on their academic, leadership and community service aspirations.” 

Angelica Chowdhury – Edith Cowan University

“I had lots of fun working at the O Week Stall. My advice to a first year student hoping to join Golden Key would be to find their corner of passion within their degree. Find ways to incorporate what you already love into your assessments and you’ll feel more engaged in the course work you’re doing. This will enable you to naturally develop a better understanding of course content and hence, obtain the best possible grades.” 

Chare Smith – University of Wollongong

“My first O-Week with GK was a lot of fun. I had the pleasure of helping the Swinburne Executive Committee during Clubs Day by facilitating a Rubix Cube Challenge and talking to the new students about the exciting prospect of becoming a Golden Key member. The sun was shining and the energy of the crowd was high. I think that O-Week is one of the best events on the University Calendar and it was a great energy booster going into the semester ahead. With the Asia-Pacific Conference 2017 and O-Week behind us we are ready for the semester to kick into full swing and welcome new members to the Golden Key Community.” 

Sunny Penning – Southern and Western Australian, University Relations Officer.

"OWEEK is important for Golden Key because it allows the QUT Chapter to reach out to current and potential members in the QUT community. It is a chance to excite students about the opportunity to be involved in a society that empowers you, encourages growth and connects you with a network of like-minded peers."

Lauren Trickey - QUT

We very excited for the academic year ahead. If you are a first year and want to take part in the great work Golden Key does at your university. Send The Asia-Pacific Headquarters an email and we will point you in the right direction.